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  • PQ Model

    The 5 facets of PQ, delivering success in a shared power world. Where are you strong and where do you need to develop?

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Welcome to the home of PQ Leadership

Political Intelligence - PQ - is for leaders who get the new relationship between citizens, government and business and the opportunities it offers to deliver profit, growth and societal benefits.

Citizens/consumers want business to step up and help deliver social change and government to find solutions to the most pressing problems.

Those who just keep doing more of the same will not thrive.

Find out more about Political Intelligence - PQ. It's the skill-set for leaders capable of working with multiple stakeholders on multi-dimensional problems and find solutions that work for everyone.


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PQ Model

Clean & Modern Design

It is a shared power world. The PQ model captures how smart leaders deliver success for themselves and others in this world. Read more

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